A little known yet highly effective and magical component of the interview is the power of the pause.   The impact you have on what you’re saying is contained in the silences that you create as you move from point to point. 
We put a lot of pressure on ourselves in the interview.  Our nerves and our adrenaline are both high.  Therefore, our words are delivered at a very fast pace and are perceived as nervous, somewhat inflectionless, and hard to follow. 
The power of the pause allows us to express ourselves with a relaxed, authoritative tone of voice. That silence is golden for many reasons. It allows us to repeat the question in our head so that we understand what we are being asked and not repeat the question as to sound like we are stalling. In our everyday conversations with others, it is natural to pause before responding. Why would that be any different in an interview? The cadence of communicating Is reflected in this train of thought.  In addition, when we pause before answering, it gives the illusion that we are actually thinking about what we are about to say … which makes it more anticipatory and meaningful.  
Personally, I believe that the most important reason to utilize the power of the pause is that it allows me, in that silent moment, to allow my answer to get in front of me so I can, therefore, follow its lead when I begin speaking. If once the question is asked, and I pause for a few seconds, it allows the picture of what I want to say to come into clear focus in my mind. Then, I can just describe to the judge what I am looking at. 
There is nothing more attention-grabbing than a pause.  It actually “tricks” the listener into focusing all of their attention on what you are about to say.   Leading to an authentic answer that separates you from your fellow contestants.  
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